Locals who want a better deal for you!

Based in Kapiti, FastInternet.nz is making a difference, by providing faster internet and better value landline replacements for people outside of the fibre optic network.

Sick of paying through the nose for internet that stretches the meaning of "broadband"? Does your phone sound like you're talking in a sandstorm? We can help!

Using our own wireless and fibre connections, we get the benefits of fibre to you, even if you live miles from the nearest fibre network!


We want to give you better performing internet, NO contracts, NO data caps, just a great service for a fair price!

Because you choose to live in the best parts of rural NZ, with FastInternet.nz you can now have quality internet and a better phone too!


When we say fair, we really do mean it! We can offer a better service for often the same price or better than the big players. You have the satisfaction of knowing your money stays where it belongs, right here!


FastInternet.nz was launched to solve an age-old problem - that people outside the town boundaries just can't seem to get a fair go for their telecommunication services. We use the latest wireless technology paired with fibre-optic connections to deliver you the best product we can.


FastInternet.nz has built our own network, using cutting-edge wireless technology. We employ local people, and we operate locally-based transmission points where you live. Check out our coverage to see where we are, it's an ever-expanding list!


Adrian Zimmer

Adrian lives in Kapiti, and has built networks all over New Zealand. He had the bright idea to help out the locals who live in Kapiti and Horowhenua, after having a few chats to people about how terrible their services were with the other players, and how expensive it was. Adrian is a certified engineer, having worked back in the early days on the Kordia (previously BCL) extend network, and setting up satellite internet connections from IPSTAR and INZONE. Adrian is committed to connecting New Zealanders to better value services, and is here to help you.

Our Installers

Our technicians who visit your home or business also live around Kapiti and the Horowhenua.
They are qualified in numerous technologies but most importantly, they share the common drive to get you connected!
All our team members share a passion for technology and making it work better for you.

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